Chairman Word

Chairman Word

To the Manufacturers who built this country, who manufacture to this country and who develop this country. To those people who always have a high spirit and always work hard and wholeheartedly for their country development. To whoever builds factories, mosques, schools, residential buildings and hospitals, As all these facilities are supporting our country Egypt development in a time Egypt needs them the most, Our country needs what construct not destroy, what develop not ruin.

We want to be your partners in this dream; we would like to offer you our help, our abilities and experiences so that we could participate in this achievement and that's why we have always done our best to finish all our projects in the most proper way.

Therefore, it gives us great pleasure and honor if you allowed us to cooperate with you in building this country, and we promise to save no efforts to meet your needs of quality, cost and time.


Head Office
  • Phone: +2 02 25 17 47 80/81
  • Fax: +2 02 25 16 96 87
  • Email:
  • Address: 600 A, Swiss company street, Maadi, Cairo
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