About Us

About Us

Who we are ?

ECIP is an Egyptian joint-stock Company was founded on 1988. We mainly work in the construction filed, but we are specialized in the industrial facilities construction field.

ECIP executes integrated projects where all civil works, electro mechanical works, plumbing works, firefighting works, finishing works, Etc. are included in our scope, and always tries to construct with all its abilities so that the highest quality, lowest cost and shortest duration can be achieved for all works and projects.

Our work is performed by united family individuals who cooperate with each other to provide outstanding service for our clients. We put our clients` interest as our target, and we do our best to achieve his satisfaction, whereas all project success for the client considered as success for us.

We believe that honesty and reliability which lead to Customer loyalty are the key factors for SUCCESS.
We are offering our abilities, efforts and experience to help those who build and construct this country and supply working opportunities to its people in order to share ALLAH reward with them for their effort.
Our mission is to build and reconstruct our country through love and sincerity of united cooperative work team. Our projects are integrated in quality, cost, time….etc, to meet the customers ' purposes and get their pleasure.
Safety: Maintaining an excellent safety record is our number one priority and the cornerstone of our Company's core values. We do not compromise safety in favor of any other business objectives or project goals. Our number one goal is To Finish Each and Every Day Injury and Incident Free. Our safety team will always be present to assure the minimum incident cases.

Quality: Our company good reputation and fine image are the most important things we care about, it is what keeps us competing in the construction industry market and provides us with new clients and new jobs that is why we always aim to exceed our client expectations in quality of the work. We assure this level of quality by following a strict quality control plan with the help of our quality control stuff.

Time: It is a very basic issue that we always try our best to finish our client job as fast as possible and never cross the project time schedule dead line, that is obviously because time means money for us and for the client who is always in a hurry to start operating/using his facility. A detailed clear time schedule will be created and followed up by our engineers and top management stuff for every job assigned to us to assure finishing the job in the shortest possible duration

Cost: And finally we promise to always try our best to minimize the cost of any job assigned to us as much as possible to increase our client profit because high unreasonable cost for the jobs means no jobs at all on the long run. We guarantee this minimum cost by adding only a reasonable over head profit to the project activities estimated cost and by dealing with professional high quality sub-contractors who got the lowest prices in their field.


Head Office
  • Phone: +2 02 25 17 47 80/81
  • Fax: +2 02 25 16 96 87
  • Email: info@ecipegypt.com
  • Address: 600 A, Swiss company street, Maadi, Cairo
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